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Danny Bulanadi was born in 1946 in Manila, Philippines. His love of drawing came at an early age, drawing on the side of his parent's house. That would later translate into copying artwork from American comic books, that his mother would purchase for him.

He studied various art forms in the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. Later, he worked as an assistant for Tony deZuņiga, where he learned how to perfect his craft. "When I was working for GMS Komiks, I met Tony, talked to him and found out he was looking for an assistant. I applied for it and was accepted. He adopted me, I lived with him, and he taught me what he knew."

When Danny became more established, he worked on the major komiks in the Philippines such as Pilipino Komiks, Hiwaga, Espesyal Komiks, Tagalog Klasiks, and even Liwayway.

In 1975, Danny went to the United States. With the aid of his friend, Romeo Tanghal, Danny, met Joe Orlando, who liked his work and gave him an assignment. This led to further assignments in titles such as Kamandi, the Legion of Superheroes, and Weird War.

Danny Bulanadi started his career in Marvel Comics inking the likes of Pat Broderick, Gil kane, and Butch Guice on the Micronauts series. His consistency and speed in inking led to long inking stints on The Fantastic Four, and Captain America.

Somewhere in between all the inking jobs Danny was doing for Marvel and DC comics, he found time to create and design several characters for a Canadian television station in Newfoundland. The character he created was Captain Newfoundland. He also designed the costumes for the various Atlantic Universe characters including the famous Captain Canada.

In 1988, during the slowdown in comics, Danny moved to Los Angeles to work in the animation field. He was the storyboard artist for both Hanna-Barbera's Johnny Quest cartoon and Marvel Production's Transformer cartoon series. He also did stints in video game character design as well as some commercial art.

There is no doubt that Danny Bulanadi is a prolific inker. He is known as "one of the hardest working inkers of the 70's, 80's and 90's," something he will always be proud of. But more than that, Danny is also an accomplished penciller and has worked with media from watercolor to oils. "I like to paint subjects such as American Indians, Filipino folk life, and scenery."

Recently, he has finished up a 312-page comic book adaptation of the Bible for No Greater Joy Ministries, which will publish the book in several different languages.

Currently, Danny is enjoying retirement in South San Francisco, California. He still paints and does commissions. He would like to get back in to the comics field, which is where he enjoys working best.

Danny Bulanadi with Captain Canada

Danny, some warrior women and me

Jesus Christ

Captain Canada

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